(#A3) Forex Fundamentals


Our #1 goal for this video training course is to teach you everything you need to know to about how money is created, managed and traded around the world and why. Though it’s so much more than that. This video training course is a critical starting point for anyone who wants to understand how to build a solid foundation in forex fundamentals so they can start formulating a fundamental bias for any currency in the world.

This video training course consists of: 12 lessons
Your coach in this video training course is: Wayne McDonell
This program is for: Any trader who wants to learn about money, the role central banks play in the global economy, an introduction to macro and microeconomics and how to build a solid foundation in fundamental analysis
Special Note: In one of the lessons we are joined by ex-Fed Chair Ben Bernanke as he discusses various topics regarding the Federal Reserve Bank of America. Not to be missed!

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